Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Surgery went better than expected!! I am so Thankful for everyones prayers bc without God this wouldnt of been possible. He was in recovery for almost 7 hours due to the immense pain he was in but they were finally able to get a hold on it enough where he was able to rest. Today is a new day and I am hoping for a speedy recovery. I will update again when new news comes my way. Thank you again foe everything!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Story

My name is Misty Anderson and I have started this blog to seek assistance...

I would like to introduce you to my husband Danny Anderson. He is a very hard working and loving 31 year old man who suffers from severe Crohn's Disease. We have been married for 11 yrs and have 2 beautiful boys. He has been a very hard worker and has provided for our family the best he could.

Danny's Crohns has been and issue from the start of our marriage. The first year he was in and out of hospitals trying to find out what was wrong. The second year he had his colon removed shortly after our first son was born and right after his 21st birthday. Through the years after, the disease has been a little kinder with only once a year, 2 week stays in the hospital until last year.

Danny had severe hernias due to his health condition. Doctors would tell us that they wouldn't operate on him with a 10 foot pole due to his medical condition. So the hernias persisted to get worse until November of 09. He began complaining of severe stomach pains on Saturday, which persisted on into Monday. I finally took him on into the hospital Monday afternoon and when we got word of what was wrong it wasn't good news. Danny had a hernia that had come out so far that it was basically being pinched. So an operation was imminent whether the Drs wanted to or not.

His surgery was 11/18/09 it was an all day ordeal and when it was all over he was in the Surgery ICU resting it off. They had me leave the hospital that night bc it was so late and they said I wouldn't be able to see him til morning anyway. When I got there the next morning he was still on a respirator. Later in the day they tried waking him a little but he was still very out of it. This continued for day or two until we realized that he was having trouble realizing what was real and what was fake. He would fight with doctors and nurses thinking they were out to get him. He saw things that were in the room that wasn't really there. It was a horrible ordeal. We decided that it must of been all the pain meds and sedatives that they had him on so they took him completely off of everything. It took a little over 48 hours but he finally came out of it. They said it was an allergic reaction to Ativan which is a sedative that they used in conjunction with the anesthesia.

Finally things started looking up. He went into a regular room, they started letting him have some liquids and on things were looking up. On November 26,09 he had moved around in the bed and felt like a pop in his belly. We dismissed it as just pulling a muscle. It wasnt until later that evening when his incision started oozing that they realized that the stitches that held his muscle wall together had popped. To some this may seem like a bad thing but when they began looking more at the oozing they realized that it was stool that was coming from his insides.

So we got ready for another surgery. They realized that during this surgery that somehow a piece of his intestines had gotten knicked which resulted in his stool leaking into his body. They couldn't just fix it bc they couldn't find it. It had been too soon after the first surgery the risks were too great to just go in looking around for the knick. So they made a fistula in the middle of his chest to drain the fluids leaking into his body. A temporary fix until his insides healed enough for them to go back in and find where the leak was at.

This brings us up to where we are now it have been almost 6 months since the first surgery and after every other week trips to the hospital and wound issues we are ready to get back to our lives. To get him out of a hospital bed and back into his life. The skin on his belly has been so badly damaged that he needs extensive plastic surgery to put him back together properly and the insurance companies do not like plastic surgery.

We are asking for any donation possible to help us pay for this surgery it is $2744.00 for the surgeon and and additional $1900.00 for the Operating room and the Anesthesia. This brings the total to $4644.00. My husband has worked very hard over the years and we try to never ask for a thing, but after 6 months of barely getting by we need all the help we can get to make this possible.

Even just a $1 donation would help us be ONE DOLLAR CLOSER TO SURGERY. Every donation will be immensely appreciated.

He also needs all the prayer he can get so I would love to know even if you are just praying for him. Thank you so very much and May God Bless You!!!

Any donations can be sent via paypal to Mndrsn712@hotmail.com or to the address below:
Misty Anderson
c/o Danny Anderson
PO Box 383
Cramerton, NC 28032